Our Learn section of our website is split into three main areas: Wonders of Wheat, Flour Facts, and a School Zone.

It is intended to give relevant and informative information on Wheat and Flour to Wheat Growers, Flour Millers, and other interested groups.

Our Wonders of Wheat section includes details of the various types of wheat grown in New Zealand and around the World, details about the characteristics and quality indicator of wheat and how these determine how it is used when it is sent to a Flour Mill.

Our Flour Facts section includes the history of flour milling in NZ, the milling process, the types of Flour produced, and Flour nutritional information.

There is also a School Zone to help younger New Zealanders broaden their knowledge of Wheat growing, the Flour Milling process, and some of the great food products which have flour and flour products as a key ingredient. We hope that it generates interest in our industry and helps School Children with projects that they maybe working on.

We hope that it is a valuable resource, however if you do have any questions or need further information after reading the various sections, please do not hesitate to contact us via email at enquiries@flourinfo.co.nz


Flour and Wheat