The World Wide Web contains a vast amount of information on many different topics. Searching for a particular piece of information can be both rewarding and frustrating. To help you in your search for information related to Milling and Baking, we have provided the list of links below.

Don't forget to search for more information yourself - there's lot out there!

Wheat Mania 
An awesome website with childrens recipes, activities. Print pages of activities for younger children.
Kansas Wheat Commission
Contains recipes using flour and wheat products. Print off food fact sheets. These are suitable for school children. They cover topics from bagels to wheat and grain information. Bread bytes give hints weekly on using bread machines.
The PastryWiz Food Resource Centre 
Excellent theme pages including recipes, halloween baking and cake decorating. Food storage and safety information.
The Bread Bakers Guild of America
Variety bread recipes. Information on wheat, flour and baking.
The Artisan (about artisan breads)
General information and recipes including making European breads, pasta and biscotti.
A teachers guide index with a list of activities on various topics including food and nutrition.
The British Nutrition Foundation
Detailed fact sheets suitable for senior students on nutrients such as vitamins and carbohydrates.
For nutritional information on individual fast foods including a data base to query calories, fat, sodium and cholesterol.
The Federation of Bakers
All about bread including history, types, plant bakery, careers and nutrients.

Oregon State University
Science of Foods. For senior students - all about grains, cereals and food science.
Find fact sheets on different nutrition topics.

The Australian and New Zealand Food Authority
Lists food standards and information on food safety.
The Goodman Fielder Website 
Use the search to find information on nutrition and health such as fats and fibre. Check out employment available at Goodman Fielder.
Goodman Fielder International 
Information on products made by Goodman Fielder International Southland in Invercargill.
Christchurch City Council Food Safety 
Information on HACCP based food safety programmes including food safety, storage and handling.

Sundance Natural Foods Limited
Flatbreads are one of the oldest know prepared foods. Find information on this and other food types.

The Goodness of Grains
Information on grains, their vitamins, minerals etc. Some nutritional books also.

The Village Bakery
Information on sourdough, tips and tricks and bread, flour and grain information.

CSIRO - Department of Health Sciences and Nutrition
Information on nutrition research and fact sheets on antioxidants, bread, diet and cancer.
Grains Nutrition Information Centre
Information on nutrition and diets. A search which gives fact sheets for children on many topics including biscuits and bagels. Recipes including breads and meals.
Uncle Tobys
Healthy You gives information on reading nutritional panels on packets and other information on eating and nutrition.
Recipes using Kellogg's products, games and nutritional pyramid activities for children. Nutrition information fact sheets on fibre.
Living & Raw Foods 
Find recipes made from raw foods including pizza, cookies and desserts.
The Flour Advisory Bureau
Information and recipes on making and using bread.
The Canadian Grain Commission
Find out about diseases ergot and fussarium. Also find information on grain, harvesting and export data.
Centre for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition 
Kids/teens/educators section - crosswords and quizzes for children that can be printed off. Bad bug book: detailed information on organisms that cause food poisoning.
Quality Wheat CRC Limited 
Wheat questions gives information on the importance of wheat quality, protein and tests done on wheat and flour. It describes how these factors effect cereal products and baked goods.
Institute of Food Research 
Information on nutrition including selenium and folic acid. Look up fun information of smell and tongue maps.
American Dietetic Association 
Nutrition fact sheets and reading lists. Information on childrens nutrition including breakfasts, trends and fibre. Activities such as quizzes on food.

Quaker Oats
Information on Quaker and its various products

Cereals and how they are made into sanitarium products.

"On the shoulders of Giants" - An Adventure in Cereal Chemistry"
AACC In-depth E-Newcapsule, March 24, 2000
By Jerold A. Bietz
Grain Millers 
Lists products produced by mills and their uses along with market information.
Campden and Chorleywood Food Research Association Group 
Food research. A good links list.
BRI Australia 
Research for grain processing and grain industries.
Institute of Food Technologies
Information on careers, employment, scholarships and food technology.
Comptons Encyclopedia
Search vehicle
Wonderful search vehicle with connections to childrens/parents sites.
Search vehicle
Funk and Wagnalls
Search vehicle
Royal Society of New Zealand for the Advancement and Promotion of Science and Technology
A search for recent New Zealand news and information. Education links.
Kiwi Careers
Information on careers in various industries.

Auckland University of Technology
Training opportunities and courses at the university.

Manukau Institute of Technology
Training institution.