About Us

The New Zealand Flour Millers Association is made up of nominated representatives from each company within the industry.

The current members of the association are:

The management committee comprises of the following members:

The research committee comprises the following members:

The objects of the Association are as follows:

  • To provide means for mutual discussion by members of the Association upon all matters affecting the interest of its members as Flour Millers
  • To assist in strengthening and developing the image and effectiveness of the Flour Milling Industry.
  • To establish close liaison and promote goodwill and understanding between members of the Association themselves and other allied and interested organisations or bodies.
  • To make united representations to the Government, Government Departments, Research Institutions and any other such departmental or industrial organisations or bodies concerning the welfare and requirements of the Flour Milling Industry.
  • To actively seek the representation of this Association on all such organisations or bodies as may be deemed necessary or desirable.
  • To further the cause of technical education in the Flour Milling Industry.
  • To represent the Flour Milling Industry on the Wheat growing, Flour milling, and Baking Research Liaison Committee