Activity Sheets

Activity Sheets

Included on this page are specially designed activity sheets on flour and baking for use in schools. You are free to print & copy these for classroom use, but they are copyright to their owners and not available for commercial use.To view and print these activity sheets, you will need a copy of Adobe Reader. To download your free copy of this software please follow this link:

If you already have Adobe Reader loaded on your machine, you may click the links directly to access the activity sheets. Please view the teachers notes before opening and printing the activity sheets as this explains how they are designed to be used in the classroom. If you are using a slow or dial-up connection please be patient as these load!

Teachers notes can be downloaded here


The science behind bread making
Bread recipe
Fibre - it's role in the diet
Let's make some neat food with bread
Storing bread and sandwiches
White vs brown breads 
What do the ingredient labels on bread mean?
Sandwich suggestions
How bread is made in New Zealand

Wheat and Milling

Types of wheat in New Zealand
History of wheat, flour and bread production
History of wheat growing and milling in New Zealand
Milling of wheat in New Zealand
The wheat plant
Wheat and flour use
Types of flour and their uses
Basic flour recipes